Chuck & Daneen Zaleski - "Winemaker" & "The Boss" (aka: Owners)

Chuck & Daneen are the fearless leaders of the bunch at Fero Vineyards and Winery.  Chuck is the main man behind the scenes and is the creator of the fine wines enjoyed by all.  It is his taste in great wine and his dedication in providing an impeccable product that makes Fero so successful!  Daneen has been the leader of the staff and the one who makes sure there is seamless connection between the vineyard, the winery and the tasting room.  She also makes sure to provide a wonderful and memorable experience to those stopping in.  Together they are amazing people to work with and for and they make sure to make everyone coming by, feel as though they are part of the Fero family!  They are often seen in the winery working behind the bar at events and can also be found in the vineyard working to get things moving.  Both of them, from the Lewisburg area, do a lot for the community and look forward to watching the winery grow!      

Nick Kifolo - "JV Sommelier"


Nick is Susquehanna University graduate and is a Part-Time Tasting Room Associate & Vineyard worker with Fero.  A lot of his knowledge of wine has been from learning it first hand from his mom and dad, the winery owners, Chuck and Daneen.  Nick's easy-going and friendly personality make our environment a relaxing place to visit.  He can help with any of your questions as well as walk you through a tasting of our amazing wines!     


Alesha Emery - "The Favorite One"

Alesha became a part of the Fero team in January of 2015. She can be found in our tasting room on the occasional weekday as well as the weekends. She is our social media guru and a helping hand with summer festivals and big event planning.  Alesha graduated from Temple University and is currently working on her Masters at Bloomsburg University.   Alesha's spunky and energetic personality brings the party and excitement to any group of visitors coming to the winery.

Diane Sylaj - "Grape Whisperer"

Diana, a Full-Time Fero staff member since 2011, is currently from the Lewisburg area and lives there with her son!  She is one of the hard-working vineyard staff who helps to get the vines ready each year.  On the coldest days of the winter and the hottest days of the summer you can find her pruning and preparing the vines for harvest.  She also assists with the ground maintenance around the winery as well as the bottling that is done 2-3 times a year.  On occasion, you can find her in the tasting room, helping out for bigger and busier events!


Leighann Kreitzer - "The one with the contagious laugh"


Leighann has been a Part-Time Fero staff member since June 2016. When she's not working you can catch her out having fun with her husband and kids, who also can sometimes be seen running around the winery, and holding doors for customers. she is fun and energetic, with a self learned knowledge of wine!

Izzy Zaleski - "Boss in training"

Izzy is the daughter of winery owners, Chuck and Daneen, and is the youngest member of the winery family!  She lives and goes to school in the Lewisburg area and has become everyone's "little sister!"  Izzy loves to bake and contributes many snacks for winery events!  Izzy's youthful outlook on life and friendly spirit brings everyone together and maybe someday, she'll be taking over!  

Nelly & Stella - "Winery Greeters" 

Nellie & Stella are the winery pups that will greet you at the door!  They visit from time to time and their high energy and general love for EVERYONE that comes through Fero's doors, can be seen immediately.  They can also be found supervising stocking, bottling and public events through their one of their favorite leisure activities, following you around!   

Kristen Bingaman - "Likes Pinot Noir"

Kristen, a part-time Fero staff member since June 2016, can be found in the tasting room mostly on weekends. During the week Kristen is a first grade teacher at the Shikellamy School District. She currently is back in graduate school at Bloomsburg University working on her second masters degree in Educational Leadership to become a principal. She enjoys dry red wines, especially Fero's Pinot Noir! She may make you believe you do too as soon as you walk through our doors!


Lauren Mattivi - "Suburban Wine Mom"

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Lauren joined the Fero staff as a part-time employee in 2014.  She can
be found in the tasting room on the occasional weekend.  When she’s
not at Fero she’s working as an Underwriter for a Philly based
insurance company, and spending time with her husband and two little
ones.  She calls the winery her fun job, and loves learning about wine
and talking to new people.