Chuck & Daneen Zaleski - "Winemaker" & "The Boss" (aka: Owners)

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Chuck & Daneen are the fearless leaders of the bunch at Fero Vineyards and Winery.

Chuck is the main man behind the scenes and is the creator of the fine wines produced at Fero. His great taste and dedication to providing an impeccable product make Fero wines so exceptional. 

Daneen is the leader of the staff and the one who ensures seamless communication between the vineyard, the winery, and the tasting room. Providing a memorable experience to all of Fero's patrons is Daneen's top priority. 

Together, Chuck and Daneen have created the Fero Family, and it is through their love and support that the business continues to grow and thrive. Their dedication to the community, and countless charitable endeavors, define the Fero experience and drive every day at work.

Nickolas Kifolo - "JV Sommelier"


Nick is a Susquehanna University graduate and is the head of Marketing & Distribution at Fero. Much of Nick's wine knowledge has been gained first hand (no, not JUST from excess sampling), as his parents own the winery! Nick is described by many guests as "easy-going" and "laid back," but don't let these traits fool you; the guy knows his wine. He can answer any of your questions and loves walking guests through winery tours.  

Samantha Wright - "Events Coordinator"


We know, we know, this one doesn't really require the quotation marks around the title. Samantha, known to many as "Sam," plans all of the amazing events at Fero. Danced to a killer band at Fero? Thank Sam. Had the most breathtaking wedding at Fero? Thank Sam. This certified realtor, turned wine expert, turned Events Coordinator, is an expert at juggling a million things at once. When she isn't at work, Sam loves spending time with her husband and cooking the most delicious (wine-centered) meals you've ever tasted.

Michelle O'Mealy - "Tasting Room Rockstar"


This fiery lady is commonly referred to as the "most likely to be requested," because her sharp wit and quick comebacks make her a guest favorite among the party crowds. A lover of David Bowie and Molly Ringwald movies, Michelle keeps us all on our toes. Not sure which wine to choose for your next get-together? Don't worry, Michelle knows you better than you know yourself. After work, you will find her enjoying the company of her two incredible kiddos and kindred-spirit husband (while they all listen to music that's way too cool for the rest of us). 

Morgan Reish - "The Weekend Warrior"


A graduate of Susquehanna University, Morgan is the unsung hero of Fero. From stocking the back room better than anyone else, to having the perfect one-liners, she's exactly the person you want in your corner. Her dry sense of humor is frequently overlooked, but customers with a sharp mind have been known to come back again and again just for Morgan's sarcastic wit. Morgan is truly a team player, never shying away from a weekend shift...or twenty. You can often find her at Fero on Saturdays and Sundays. While she prefers a good rum and coke, Morgan can point you in the direction of your new favorite wine, and she's our local expert when it comes to dining suggestions.

Stacy Kissinger - "She's overqualified"


Stacy is one amazing lady with incredible life experiences and a million hidden talents. But don't expect her to tell you about it! This girl is as humble as she is lovely. From her time in the military, to her beautiful family, to the home she renovated herself, Stacy is full of amazing insight. And that brilliance leads to perfect wine recommendations for any occasion. When she isn't wowing us with her many secret skills, she can be found enjoying time with her husband, children, and grandkids. We know what you're thinking: SHE LOOKS WAY TOO YOUNG FOR GRANDKIDS!

 Sarah Couch - "The Heavy-Lifter"


Sarah recently returned to Pennsylvania after spending some time in Texas. She's an artist and a scholar who is currently pursuing a medical degree through Susquehanna University, and already has her degree in Media Art and Design. Sarah has experience doing a little bit of everything, from her design portfolio, to an interest in photography, to a passion for lifting. (She could definitely bench press cases of wine.) Talk about being well-rounded! One of the newest members of the team, Sarah has already established her place in the Fero family.

Izzy Zaleski - "Boss in training"


Izzy is the daughter of winery owners, Chuck and Daneen, and is the youngest member of the winery family. She lives and goes to school in the Lewisburg area and has become our resident winery "little sister". Izzy is also the current Lawn Care Specialist; so you will find her driving the mower and working on her tan all summer long. Her youthful spirit and friendly personality bring everyone together and make the rest of us feel ten years younger! (Don't tell Chuck and Daneen, but we suspect Izzy will be taking the reins sooner or later!)

Nelly & Stella - "Winery Greeters" 

Nellie & Stella are the winery pups, and are trusted with the responsibility of greeting customers at the door. It's guaranteed to be a good day when these two cuties stop by Fero. While they've been known to entertain staff and patrons alike, they also know who runs the show around here: them. Where there's work to be done, Stella and Nellie are never far away. They often supervise stocking, bottling, and public events, and even motivate staff members to work harder by following them around and requiring constant attention. We couldn't love these two girls any more than we already do!


Lauren Mattivi - "Suburban Wine Mom"

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Lauren joined the Fero staff as a part-time employee in 2014.  She can be found in the tasting room on the occasional weekend.  When she’s not at Fero she’s working as an Underwriter for a Philly based insurance company, and spending time with her husband and two little ones.  She calls the winery her fun job, and loves learning about wine and talking to new people.