Chuck's Monthly Minutes (August '18)

The Mid-Atlantic Monsoon

After a beautiful first three weeks of July, we were treated to a remarkable atmospheric river of moisture. The tropical air blew in from the south starting Saturday afternoon and steady rain fell for five straight days. We measured over an inch of rain at the vineyard each day for a total of 7.5 inches. On top of the hill our vines and soils can handle that much water, but the constant wetness is an open invitation to molds and mildew. We did everything we could before and after the rain to keep the canopy healthy. The color change, veraison, will start next week and that is the beginning of the ripening season. All varieties look in good shape. Wine grape growers worry about many weather events. We will have to add flooding monsoon summer rains to that list. I won’t mention the other weather disasters for good luck.