--White Varieties--

Pinot Gris

Fero's Pinot Gris is produced in a French style, resulting in a full-bodied dry white wine, as opposed to the Italian style Pinot Grigio that embodies sweeter tendencies. The Pinot Gris has aromas of floral and orange peel. Full flavored meals, such as grilled salmon, pair well with this variety. 

Grüner Veltliner

This Austrian favorite thrives in the Central Pennsylvania climate.  This variety falls between a Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.  The aroma has hints of citrus, pear and grass or flowers.  You may pick up a little pepper flavor, which is typical for this grape.  This is an all-around food favorite at many of the finest restaurants.  You can even pair it with asparagus!

Dry Riesling

Notes of citrus and apple are noticeable in the aroma of this variety.  Our growing season preserves a crisp acidity resulting in a balanced dry aromatic white wine.  Rieslings are characteristically sweeter in nature, although we keep the residual sugars under 1%, leading to a dry but crisp fine wine. The Dry Riesling pairs well with fruit and cheese, as well as dinner dishes of seafood, poultry and pork. 

Semi-Dry Riesling

The Semi-Dry Riesling retains a fruity and acidic flavor with a sweet and smooth mouth feel. This variety presents a 1.8% residual sugar level, just under the semi-dry classification of 2% residual sugar. The Semi-Dry Riesling pairs well with spicy dishes as well as fruit, cheese, seafood, and poultry. 

--Red Varieties--

Pinot Noir

This Pinot Noir is aged in French oak barrels for eight months resulting in a decadent, light-bodied, full flavored red wine. This Fero favorite resembles the color of cranberry juice. This Vinifera has hints of cherry fruit, supported by the flavors of mulling spices.  This Old World red has a lingering acidity, that will compliment any of your favorite red meat dishes.


Known in Germany as Lemberger and in Austria as Blaufränkisch, this cool climate red is a little lighter in color. This dry red variety is made with oak chips which round out to make a great pairing with any dinner.  It has cherry fruit notes and a hint of oak, but the Lembergers' pepper flavor is unmistakable.  This is Fero's signature grilling wine, pairing great with summertime barbecues, burgers and steaks.   

Estate Lemberger

Our fine Lemberger grapes are aged in Hungarian and American oak barrels for 12 months.  Our award winning Lemberger wine retains its natural pepper flavors, but adds a suppleness of tannins from the oak barrel. We suggest you try this dry red with prime rib, lamb, or your favorite red meat dish.


This unique variety can be described as dark and enchanting. Saperavi, arguably one of the oldest wine producing grapes dating back to as early as 5000 B.C, has survived millennium in the Republic of Georgia and the lower Baltics, and now thrives here.  The wine is boasts a beautiful dark red color naturally due to the grape being completely red, inside and out!  You can tell the Saperavi fan by the twinkle in their eye and their colorful smile.

Pinot Noir Rosé

This chilled rosé is comprised of Fero's Pinot Noir variety. Light in body and color, this wine is the perfect pair for a light meal!


--Sparkling Wines--

Dry Sparkling Rosé

Made with 100% Fero's Pinot Noir grapes, this sparkling wine is done in the traditional method. Similar to a Brut. 

Bubbly Riesling

This is a nice semi dry bubbly wine made with our Riesling grapes. this makes the perfect mimosa!

Bubbly Blush

This semi-sweet carbonated bubbly wine is made with our Lemberger grape.

--Sweet Wines--

Sweet Blush

The Sweet Blush is made with Pinot Noir and Cayuga grapes. This is Feros' party wine, featuring a elegant rosé color, with some drier tendencies, and a nice, crisp semi-sweet finish.  The Sweet Blush presents flavors that are sweet, smooth and fruity, that can be enjoyed with cheese and cracker, or other party favorites.

Sweet White

Sweet Country White is a pure Cayuga grape wine.  It is a little sweeter than the Blush.  The acidity of this grape keeps it refreshing and capable of pairing with many foods.  If you don’t like dry wine and you want to enjoy wine with your meal, this is a great choice.  It also makes a deliciously sweet reduction sauce. 

Peach Punch

We blend one of our favorites, Grüner Veltliner, with a natural White Peach flavoring.  This is a great refreshing wine for any of our dry or sweet lovers!

Sweet Red

This sweet wine is a blend of our red grape varieties.  Compromised of approximately 60% Lemberger & 40% Pinot Noir grape, this wine is sweet though some may classify as a semi-sweet variety. The Sweet Red makes a great base for red sangria!


We use a red wine base and dark chocolate to make a chocolate covered cherry in a glass.  This can be your dessert on its own, or pair it with chocolates, cake or ice cream for a special treat.  You can make any evening better with chocolate and wine. 

Fero Berry

This Fero favorite is made with our Lemberger grape. Comprised of a sweet grape base and natural raspberry & blackberry extracts, this wine could pose as the perfect adult juice box!


Our Niagara comes from grapes grown near the shores of Lake Erie.  It is our best-selling wine in the summer.  You will find a beautiful grape aroma, sweet as can be, with a smooth finish.  Try this at our tasting room and you may be one of the many who say “that’s what I was looking for”.


Also grown near Lake Erie, these grapes escaped their fate as jelly or juice and made it to you as wine.  It is an American classic enjoyed around the world.  Imagine your family's backyard arbor in the fall and this is the flavor with a little kick.

Late Harvest Riesling

Our Riesling grapes are picked late in the season, producing a juice highly concentrated in sugar. This is a great dessert wine, similar to an ice wine.


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