Chuck's Monthly Minutes (March '19) FIRST DAY OF SPRING!

At 5:58 PM today the earth’s axis of rotation moves closer to the sun for our latitude.  We are celebrating the new season with hope.  The vineyard is in dormant slumber for a little longer.  We will finish pruning before bud burst in May.  Winter was average, not too cold or wet.  We are wishing for a sunny, dry year without frost.


The vines are now entering their tenth season.  They have shown what they can produce in Pennsylvania’s wildly and wonderful weather.  We have some new younger vines that we will be put on trellis, Saperavi and Chardonnay.  There are about 13 producing acres with around 1,000 vines per acre.


The biggest risks operating a vineyard are number one economics, next are labor and disease, both tightly connected to economics.  After that comes weather.  I love having the flexibility and control of the grapes.  We have seen what wonderful tasting wines can be produced from Susquehanna River Valley grown fruit. 


Cheers, and Happy Spring