The winery at Fero features over twenty varieties of wine, each handcrafted by our winemaker to provide the highest quality sensory experience. Our current list includes:

Dry Whites

Gruner Veltliner 2017- This dry white has a bright citrus aroma and is crisp on the palette. Pairs well with seafood and poultry dishes.---SOLD OUT

Pinot Gris 2015- The richer-in-flavor cousin of the Pinot Grigio wine. Pairs well with BBQ, pork, and roasted vegetables.

Dry Riesling 2015- Our driest vintage of Riesling ever. The fruit was ripe but not overly tart, producing a bold & dry wine. Goes well with sausage, fruit, and cheese.

Dry Reds

Pinot Noir 2014- A lighter colored, full-bodied red wine aged in French oak. Pairs well with salmon, pork, and chicken dishes.---SOLD OUT

Bison Roots Blue 2016- Our barrel-aged Pinot Noir spends 18 months in French Oak. Pairs perfectly with any food you may find at a tailgate! Ray Bucknell!

1812 Lemberger- A medium-bodied European red that pairs well with burgers and anything off the grill. Produced in stainless steal with oak chips.

Estate Lemberger 2016- A nice dry red comparable to a Merlot. Aged in Hungarian and American oak for two years. Pairs well with steak, stews, and venison.

Saperavi 2016- This full and flavorful dark red wine ages in oak for a year and a half. An Eastern European grape that makes a fine wine to pair with red meats and pizza.---SOLD OUT

Dry Pinot Noir Rosé- This chilled rosé is comprised of Fero's Pinot Noir variety. Light in body and color, this wine is the perfect pair with a light meal. Rosé all day!---SOLD OUT

Semi-Dry and Semi-Sweets

Semi-Dry Riesling 2017- PA grown Riesling with a sweeter finish. This white wine pairs well with spicy cuisines such as Thai food. Everything happens for a Riesling!

Sweet Blush- Blend in Pinot Noir Rosé and Pinot Gris grapes. Pairs great with cheese, crackers, and other party favorites.

Sweet Red- A blend of red wines, this semi-sweet table wine is sure to be a hit! Pair with spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, or your favorite Italian dish.---SOLD OUT

Sweet Wines

Niagara- Native American white variety with a classic flavor. Used in juices and jelly. This variety is great fro parties and picnics! 

Peach Punch- Gruner Veltiner based with natural peach and green apple flavoring, this wine packs a punch of flavor. Just a slice of fruit short of Sangria!

Fero Berry- A sweet red blend with natural flavors of currant and blackberry. Our "currant" favorite berry wine! Add a splash of club soda to make a spritzer or better yet...try it with our Bubbly Blush!

Fero Cherry- A combination of our favorite reds act as the base of this sweet black cherry wine. Blend with dark chocolate ice cream to make an adult milkshake!

Chocolate- Red wine base of Lemberger and Pinto Noir. Makes a great reduction sauce for red meats, and goes well with rich desserts.---SOLD OUT

Concord- Native American red variety with a classic flavor. Used in many juices and jams. This variety is great for parties and picnics!

Late Harvest Riesling 2015- Similar to an ice wine, these grapes are harvested in late season producing an extremely sweet natural grape flavor.---SOLD OUT