Chuck's Monthly Minutes (June'18)

The vineyard woke from its winter slumber and is back to green and growing! We finished shoot thinning and managing the vineyard floor to get ready for the season. The shoots are growing rapidly, already over a foot tall, and there are small clusters of grapes emerging.

Now that the vines are in their growing season, weather becomes critical! We hope for large amounts of sun, with just a little bit of rain, and temperatures that aren't too hot or humid. However, summer weather in central Pennsylvania doesn't always cooperate with us! Look for lots of flowering and fruit this month as the summer pruduces rapid growth. 

If you have any questions or comments for Chuck, leave them below and he will try to answer them in next months Minute. He loves the interaction despite being away from the day-to-day at Fero, and his monthly Minutes give him the chance to talk about his passion for growing premium grapes in the center of the state!